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Measurable results.  Delivered.

Unfortunately, today's payments industry is littered with well-intentioned yet uncredentialed professionals who simply don't know what they don't know. This routinely has a costly impact on enterprises of all sizes. As an industry with unprecedented complexity, it is critical that your business is protected with a team of knowledgeable, accountable, accredited professionals. 

When our team begins a conversation with a prospective client, one of the first questions we ask about their current providers is simply "did they do what they said they were going to do?"  Almost always, the answer is no.  


Upon further analysis, the failures and shortcomings are usually linked to professionals who have honorable intentions, but simply don't understand the nuanced intricacies of today's payments industry; or how an overlooked detail can dramatically impact the profitability of a transaction.  

Our firm provides a depth of knowledge typically not available to those outside the nation's largest merchants. This unique perspective allows us to consistently over-deliver on our promises of our predecessors. When you ask a client of Michael P. Cannon & Associates "did they do what they said they were going to do?"  You will consistently hear "Absolutely...and more." This is why almost all of our business is by referral. Measurable, accountable results. Delivered.


Case Studies and Testimonials

Begin a dialogue with our firm and hear from your peers about how we've helped them increase the profitability of their businesses.  

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